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The E-LEAGUE: A 4-Session Circuit-Style League for Non-Sponsored AAU Teams

What are the Metropolitan Awards?

March 12th 6:30-9pm

Woodrow Wilson High School Auditorium

The Metropolitan Awards aka "The Mettys" are a celebration of the student-athletes of the Greater Baltimore-Washington area who have been outstanding on and off the court during the 2017-18 season. This FORMAL ceremony established by a brain-trust of trusted media and event management  entities are a means to further celebrate the student athletes excellence. 

There are 12 categories. 10 of which have nominees. The brain-trust has come together to nominate the current nominees. The general public will have the opportunity to submit nominations to be considered as a late addition.

A Lifetime Achievement Awards will be given to Eddie Meyers



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For credibility and respect purposes please do not submit nominations in abundance. Nominating a student athlete numerous amounts of times does not strengthen their chances to be nominated!

Metropolitan Awards Nomination Submission

Awards Voting Committee

- Marc Stern, Capitol Hoops

- James Parker Jr, PYBL

- Marcus Helton, DMV Elite

- Arize Ifejika, More Than Basketball

- Ron Bailey, I-95 Ballerz

- Van Johnson, National Talent Evaluator

- Jake Rosen, Jake in the Paint

- Dave Dickerson, Hoop Kidz

- Josh Morgan, Triple Threat Classic

- Kyle McFadden, MD Sports Access

- Colby Giacubeno, Prep Hoops MD

- Troy Queen, Sports Majors